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Product info: Mega B-Stress, 250 capsules
Product name Mega B-Stress, 250 capsules
Product number H7282

Strong B-complex with magnesium and herbs. Capsules with 2-stage, timed release.

Daily dosage: 2 capsules

Supplement facts per 2 capsules:
C-vitamin (L-ascorbic acid): 550 mg
Niacinamide (B3): 400 mg
Pantotenic acid (B5): 100 mg
B1-vitamin: 28 mg
B2-vitamin: 22 mg
B6-vitamin: 8 mg
B12-vitamin: 1000 mcg
Biotin (B7): 400 mcg
Folic acid (B9): 360 mcg
Magnesium (in the form of magnesiumoxide): 230 mg

Herbs: 34 mg blend of rice, rosehip, acerola and aloe vera.

Made by Solaray, USA

Mega B-Stress, 250 capsules

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