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helseudsalg.dk is certified by the 'e-mark' - the Danish quality control agency for webshops.

Danish Food Control Agency:


The sales- and delivery terms below apply to all deliveries from Helseudsalg, when no other written agreements have been made between you as buyer and Helseudsalg.

General information

Name of company: Helseudsalg ApS
Type of company: ApS
CVR-nr. 41521112
Adress: Strandhaven 105, 2665 Vallensbæk Strand
E-mail adress: info@helseudsalg.dk
Phone: 50 52 36 00 (Monday - Friday 11:00 - 17:00). You are welcome to leave a message at other times.


At Helseudsalg you may pay with:

  • Dankort, VISA-Dankort (0,00 DKK, no fee)
  • VISA, Mastercard, JCB (0,00 DKK, no fee)
  • MobilePay (0,00 DKK, no fee)
  • Money transfer to account nr. 5501-6287626744.(0,00 DKK, no fee). Please note: When using money transfer, you are not protected by the objection arrangement of the banks. Read why here. When transferring from a non-Danish account please use: IBAN: DK5820006287626744, BIC/SWIFT: NDEADKKK

When placing an order using a payment card, the amount is reserved on your card. However, the money is not actually drawn on your payment card before shipping from helseudsalg.dk. It is not possible to draw a greater amount than what you approve when placing the order. If part of your order cannot be delivered immediately and has to be shipped later, then the amount will not be drawn on your payment card until the last part of your order has been shipped.

If your order, or part of it, is cancelled, then helseudsalg.dk will cancell the reservation of the amount on your payment card within two working days. However, your bank may wait a longer period of time before cancelling the reservation.


On helseudsalg.dk you can only place orders through our website. If you are interested in goods, that are not on our site, then feel free to contact us. All prices include Danish VAT and other fees and are current prices. Danish VAT will not be charged for orders to countries outside the European Union.

If you wish to receive a copy of your order, you may request one be sending a mail to info@helseudsalg.dk.

Delivery and shipping

All orders for delivery within Denmark are as standard shipped to your adress. If you wish to pick up your package at your local post office, you may write it in the "Comment" box when ordering.

Our shipping charge is 39,00 DKK within Denmark, when you pick up the package at your local post office.
The shipping charge is 49,00 DKK if you want shipping to your address or "Pakkeboks" in Denmark.
When ordering for a minimum of 750,00 DKK, shipping is free of charge in Denmark.

Shipping to other European Union contries is 112,50 DKK incl. VAT for all orders.

Shipping to contries outside the European Union is calculated depending on which country the order is shipped to.

Delivery is considered completed, when the user has received the goods.

Shipping is done using PostNord. The normal delivery time is 1 - 4 workdays within Denmark.

Import taxes in countries outside the European Union

When shipping to countries outside the European Union, import taxes will often have to be paid in order to receive the goods.


The risk of the goods

The risk of goods bought from Helseudsalg is turned over to you as user at the time of delivery.

Right to regret purchase

As a consumer you have 14 days to regret your purchase when buying from us.

The right to regret ends 14 days after the day when you receive your goods. You must within 14 days after receiving the goods inform us that you wish to regret your purchase. You may inform us by email to info@helseudsalg.dk or by calling 45-62 64 12 22, or by filling in the standard regret form. In your message you must clearly state that you regret your purchase. You can not regret purchase by simply denying to receive the goods without at the same time clearly informing us.

Return of goods

You must send your order back to us without unnecessary delay and latest 14 days after informing us that you regret your purchase. You need to pay for the return shipping. You carry the risk for the goods from the time of delivery.

Missing original packing may reduce the value of the goods, so to ensure you get a full refund, it is recommended that the goods are returned in original packaging.

Goods exempt from right to regret purchase

The following types of goods are exempt from the right to regret purchase:

  1. Goods that are considered to expire quickly
  2. Goods that are sealed to protect health and hygiene when the seal is broken after delivery.
  3. Sealed sound- or picture recordings or computer software, where the user has broken the seal.

You loose your right to regret purchase if:

  • you break the seal on products that are sealed to protect health and hygiene.
  • you break the seal on sound- or picture recordings or computer software.

The condition of the product when you return it

You are only responsible for a possible reduction of value of the product, which is caused by other use than what is necessary to determine the type, characteristics and function of the product. You may try the product in the same way you can in a physical shop, but you may not take it into actual use.

If the product has been used beyond what is described above, we consider it as used, which means that in case you regret the purchase you will only get part or none of the money back depending on the value of the used product.

Refund of the money

If you regret your purchase, you will get the amount back, that you paid to us, In case of reduction of value of the product that is your responsibility, then this reduction of value is subtracted from the amount, that you paid for the product.
If you utilize your right to regret a purchase, then we will refund all payments received from you for the purchase including standard shipping cost without unnecessary delay and latest within 14 days from the day, when we have received your message that you have decided to regret your purchase. We carry out the refund with the same method of payment used for the original purchase unless you agree to a different method.

We may delay the refund until the product has been returned to us unless you can prove that you have returned it.

If you decide to regret an order, that has already been delivered, then the goods are returned to:

Strandhaven 105
2665 Vallensbæk Strand

Please enclose a copy of the orderslip.

You may also regret your purchase by clearly informing us and personally returning the product to the above address after making an appointment with us.

We do not receive COD shipments.


The Danish trade law concerning faulty product may be applied to making a purchase at helseudsalg.dk.

When you make a purchase at helseudsalg.dk, you have a right to make a claim within 24 months after your purchase. This means that you can have the defective item repaired or exchanged, or you may get a refund or price deduction depending on the circumstances. It is of course required that the claim is justified, and that the defect is not a result of misuse or abuse of the product. 

Defects or omissions in deliveries from Helseudsalg should be called to our attention soon after you discover the outness. If you make a claim within 2 months after discovering the outness, the claim will always be considered to be within our timelimits.

Enquiry is best done by email to info@helseudsalg.dk.

You can normally only make a claim concerning outnesses, that show up within 2 years after delivery. For goods with limited shelf life, you can only make a claim within the shelf life stated by the manufacturer.

If your claim is justified, then we will of course refund your (reasonable) return shipping costs.

The product is returned to:

Strandhaven 105
2665 Vallensbæk Strand

When you return the product, please inform us what the problem is as detailed as possible.

Please note: We do not received COD shïpments.

Privacy policy

To place an order on helseudsalg.dk, we collect the following information:

  • Name
  • Adress
  • Telephonenumber 
  • Email-adress
  • IP adress
  • Goods ordered

Vi record this information in order to be able to deliver the goods to you and in order to comply to the law with regards to bookkeeping.

The personal information is stored at Ludvigslyst/helseudsalg/Vitaking for 5 years, and is then deleted.

When personal information is gathered through our website, we ensure that it only happens with your agreement, so that you are always informed about what information is gathered and why.

The manager at Ludvigslyst/helseudsalg/Vitaking has access to the information that is stored about you. The legal body responsible for the data at helseudsalg.dk is Ludvigslyst/helseudsalg/Vitaking. We do not store the information in encrypted format. We do not transmit customer information encrypted. Personal information given to helseudsalg.dk is not turned over or sold to thirdparty. We do not store sensitive personal information.

You have a right to protest the registration of information about you at Ludvigslyst/helseudsalg/Vitaking, and you have the right to get the information deleted as far as the law allows. You are also entitled to know what information we have stored about you. You have these rights according to Danish law. Enquiry about this is done to Ludvigslyst/helseudsalg/Vitaking by e-mail: info@helseudsalg.dk.


At helseudsalg.dk cookies are used with the purpose of optimizing the website and its functionality and thereby making the ordering process as easy for you as possible.

A cookie is a small data file, which is saved on your computer in order to keep track of what is happening during your visit, and in order to recognize your computer. A cookie is not a program and does not contain virus. Cookies are necessary in order to make the webshop function properly. Cookies keep track of what you put in the shopping basket, address information etc.

Types of cookies used by Helseudsalg.dk

  • Sessioncookies: Are necessary for making the connection between your computer and the webshop function. The webshop will not function properly, if you have cookies turned off in your browser. Sessioncookies are deleted, when you close down your browser.
  • Persistent cookies: Are stored in your computer in order to remember selections you have made. Helseudsalg.dk only uses persistent cookies for your "Favorites" list.

You may at any time delete the cookies from your computer. How this is done depends on your browser.

Log statistic

We use Google sales tracking technologies, which means, that a statistical system is gathering information, which gives statistical information about how many visitors we have, where they come from, where they leave the website etc. We guarantee, that your personal information is never passed on or abused at any time. The log statistic is only used to optimize helseudsalg.dk.

Children and juveniles below the age of 18

You must have a minimum age of 18 in order to shop at helseudsalg.dk. If you are below the age of 18, you need to have consent from your parents.

Access to complain

If you have a complaint concerning your purchase, then you may contact us at info@helseudsalg.dk or on phone nr. 45 - 50 52 36 00. If you are not satisfied with our solution, then you may send a complaint to:

Nævnenes Hus
Toldboden 2
8800 Viborg

If you live outside Denmark, but within the European Union, then you may complain to the EU commission here: http://ec.europa.eu/odr

These terms are opdated on May 16, 2020.

Standard regret form

(This form may be used and returned to us, if you wish to use your right to regret a purchase.)

Send to:
Strandhaven 105
2665 Vallensbæk Strand

I hereby inform you that I wish to use my right to regret a purchase concerning my purchase of the following goods/services:


Date ordered: ________________________    Date received: _______________________

Name: ________________________________________________________________________

Adress: ________________________________________________________________________

Signature: _________________________________________

Date: _________________

(only if the form is sent on paper)

Helseudsalg - Strandhaven 105 - DK-2665 Vallensbæk Strand - Email: info@helseudsalg.dk
Phone: 45 - 50 52 36 00 (Mon. - Fri. 11 - 17) - EU VAT nr.: DK41521112

Account nr.: 5501-6287626744 - IBAN: DK5820006287626744 - BIC/SWIFT: NDEADKKK